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  1. Assisted a key hospital service line to significantly improve their staff satisfaction scores, built strong interdisciplinary communication and collaboration with other departments, and developed a highly effective management team. Multiple strategies were applied, including an initial assessment, development of guiding team principles/standards, executive coaching, leadership development, and implementation of RL Cooper Associate’s Organizational Huddle™ process.

  2. Implemented The Organizational Huddle™ model in two patient care units in a nationally renowned hospital. This process was expanded to include all patient care units, and other support functions. This organization resolved many important interdisciplinary issues, and has built excellent patient care teams.

  3. Provided executive coaching for a very important hospital service line Chief of Service and department manager. This function realized a significant improvement in their patient and staff satisfaction scores by applying many of the suggestions and insights gained through the coaching process.

  4. Provide ongoing support for a Subacute Care facility to enhance patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction and retention, and management effectiveness. Multiple strategies have been applied, including management development, leadership rounding, Organizational Huddle™ implementation, service excellence training, recognition systems, and executive coaching.

  5. Facilitated a comprehensive strategic planning process for a large, nationally recognized healthcare system. We accomplished the development of a highly focused plan, with integrated support by administrative and service line leadership, and the involvement and support of physician leadership.

  6. Developed a comprehensive strategy that assisted a healthcare system to achieve a significant improvement in their staff engagement scores in three hospitals. This included specific strategies relative to problem solving and action planning, communications, building accountability, and leadership effectiveness.

  7. Provide comprehensive support for an international manufacturing company, including RL Cooper Associate’s Management & Leadership “Discovery Series”, staff development, Organizational Huddle™ model, and executive coaching for several key team members. This company has realized significant improvements in inter-departmental communication and problem solving, as well as enhanced leadership effectiveness.


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