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Creating And Sustaining A Culture Of Service Excellence

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This book reviews The Organizational Huddle Process™, an approach that focuses employees on providing outstanding service to both internal and external customers. Like the world of football, groups need a vehicle to communicate and support each other to ensure the best results. Individuals learn to resolve problems fast, become accountable for results, and develop into excellent team members. Rated as a Grade A Best Practice by The Advisory Board Company, this process has achieved very positive results in several organizations. A section that reviews actual case studies is provided.

The Organizational Huddle Process™ will:

  • solve problems much faster than traditional problem solving processes
  • prevent problems from escalating
  • increase staff satisfaction and decrease turnover
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • develop outstanding teams
  • drive accountability into the organizational culture
  • develop leadership skills
  • promote excellent communications throughout organization

Testimonials About The Organizational Huddle

“The strength of the huddle concept in healthcare is that it plays to tactics-making decisions on the field in real time. Like the world of sports, the ability to lead while under fire far surpasses strategy sessions spent around calm table dialogue. I have found that the huddle identifies problems, facilitates operational decisions, and builds trust.”
    - Richard Birrer, M.D. - President & CEO,
      St. Joseph's Healthcare System

“The Critical Care staff have completed training of the huddle technique. It is my impression that this is a useful technique in dealing with issues on the units in a quick, direct and straightforward manner. It facilitates patient care.”
    - Quinton Friesen, Sr. Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
      Greenwich Hospital

"The beauty of the huddle is it provides an opportunity for excellent interaction at a retreat setting with carry through back at the workplace. The two together allow for a process of positive change to occur."
    - Steven Shelov, M.D., Chairman, Department of Pediatrics
      Maimonides Medical Center

“The huddle has created a great sense of accountability for fast problem resolution, increased employee morale and excitement with the process, and an appreciation for the challenges others face within the organization.”
    - Marchene Noel
      Director, Human Resources
      Interfaith Medical Center

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Call Xlibris Corp 1-888-795-4274 ext.276 or visit website at

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