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Management & Leadership Development “Discovery Forums”

Participants receive a "Discovery Forum" journal to capture their unique insights for personal growth and change. Purpose: Provide managers with the opportunity to review important management and leadership issues through self-reflection, feedback, and group learning. Topics are geared to enhance managerial effectiveness in developing and sustaining a culture of high staff satisfaction, customer satisfaction, teamwork, and overall business productivity and growth. This series has participants "looking in the mirror", and accepting personal responsibility to achieve positive performance breakthroughs. These journals are brought to each session and serve as a personal guide.

Potential Topics (this listing is not intended to be all inclusive, but representative of several key themes) – All sessions are 1 - 2 hours:

  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Role Modeling/Servant Leadership
  • Integrity – A Key Leadership Competency
  • Developing Your People/Mentoring
  • Upgrading Talent/Hiring The Best
  • Motivating Self And Creating A Motivating Environment For Others
  • Engaging Staff In Decision Making/Empowerment
  • Coaching Skills
  • Effective Delegation Through Situational Leadership
  • Harassment Prevention – Creating A Respectful Work Environment
  • Leading By Influence, Not Control
  • Establishing Direction/Priorities
  • Performance Management
  • Providing Recognition
  • Promoting Accountability In The Workplace
  • Management vs. Leadership
  • Expecting The Best/Mediocrity Is Not Acceptable
  • Effective Communication Skills – Be A Great Listener
  • Putting The Customer First
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Managing Change Through Transitional Leadership
  • Building Trust
  • Leading With "Power"
  • Effective Negotiation Skills

"The Discovery Series is a wonderful opportunity for our managers to spend one hour each month reviewing important management issues and sharing experiences through group learning.  While intended to be self-reflective, the Discovery Series is also very interactive!"

Maureen Hedden
Director of Human Resources
Lapp USA

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