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RL Cooper Associates provides a comprehensive approach in working with clients to enhance customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction and retention, and build strong interdisciplinary service teams. Our goal is to help you provide a wonderful customer experience.

We do not use a “cookie-cutter” approach. We tailor specific strategies to the needs of our clients.

The following is a summary of how we partner with our clients to achieve targeted objectives. This list is not intended to be all inclusive, but representative of several key strategies we have used to achieve positive results:

1) Needs Assessment

Meetings with key members of management and other stakeholders are conducted to gain insight into specific areas of concern, and client expectations. We will examine outcome data such as customer satisfaction surveys, staff satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, and quality data to gain a better understanding relative to the status of key metrics. If the client does not have this data, we can assist with the development of these metrics.

2) Potential Interventions
(tailored to and based on specified client needs)

  • A) Service Excellence Training – Assist with the development of critical competencies for success. This includes strategies to build the customer experience, service recovery, the importance of the first impression, and much more. Role play scenarios are provided.

  • B) Management Development – Provide managers and supervisors with strategies to develop and maintain a service excellence culture. This includes developing service standards, modeling service behaviors, how to use effective leadership rounding, performance management, peer-interviewing, building accountability, and much more. Role play scenarios are included to facilitate the learning.

  • C) Reward & Recognition – It’s important to reinforce positive service behaviors, especially when an individual goes above and beyond to assist an internal or external customer. This may include establishing a rewards and recognition team, giving on the spot recognition, thank you notes that are sent to employee homes and placed in employee files, a bulletin board where employees can post recognition for each other, etc.

  • D) RL Cooper Associate’s Organizational Huddle Process™ - Build excellent and accountable inter-departmental service teams. A structure is put in place to ensure service related issues are resolved before they escalate, and captured on a tracking document. Comprehensive Organizational Huddle™ “Champion” training is provided. This process has been rated as a Grade A best practice by The Advisory Board Company.

  • E) Staff Engagement – In addition to The Organizational Huddle™, other employee engagement strategies include involving staff in developing prioritized strategies to build on the customer experience, and ideas to further enhance staff satisfaction and retention (using The Nominal Group Technique).

  • F) Executive Leadership Partnership – Experience has taught us that without full senior leadership support, it is very difficult to optimize results. We work closely with you to ensure that you have the strategies in place (and appropriate metrics) to ingrain into the culture a true service excellence mindset. Our objective is to help you achieve fundamental culture change. This includes making sure you have accountable individuals committed to “living” the service values every day.


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